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In Wisconsin there’s a Shopping Mall
Where Santa comes each year.
The boys and girls all love him
And hold him very dear.

Some years ago, a little boy
Was taken by his Gran
To visit Santa at the Mall ~
Our story there began.

With him he had a photograph
Which Santa asked about.
“Is she your sister, or your friend?”
Not wanting then to shout …

The lad said softly ~ “Yes, she is
My sister – she’s in bed
And more than anything she wants
To come here but Mom said …

That she’s too weak and so I brought
This photo just for you.
Her name is Sarah and she’s sick
Or else she’d be here too.”

Poor Santa found it very hard
To hide his tearful eyes
And tried to cheer the little boy
Then gave him a surprise …

He sent him to the Elves who had
A gift for each young child.
Santa noticed Granny then ~
He looked at her and smiled …

And more than that, He went across
To ask her what was wrong.
She told him that the little girl ~
Her Grandchild, had not long …

For she had been so very ill,
Leukemia was the cause.
They did not think she’d many days,
Then Granny took a pause.

“Santa, is there any way
That you could visit her?
Young Sarah’s asked for nothing else,
Her words this morning were …

That all she wants for Christmas is
To see you just once more.”
Then Santa knew this was a plea
He could no way ignore.

He asked this loving Grandmother
To tell his Elves the place
Where he could visit Sarah for
He’d love to see her face.

Throughout the day, his thoughts were filled
With nothing but this child ~
In Hospital – so soon to die …
He then a plan compiled.

He got his friend to drive him to
The Hospital and there
He found her room and peeped inside ~
With her were those who care.

He saw the Granny and the boy
Whom he had met before
And Sarah’s mother too was there
As he walked through the door.

“Ho – Ho – Ho” he loudly called
And Sarah, with delight
Said … “Santa” … and she tried to leave
Her bed as well she might.

But Santa got there first and gave
The little nine-year-old
A hug that she would not forget,
A memory to hold.

She looked at him with wonderment
Reflected in her eyes ~
Those big blue eyes that melted him,
This he could not disguise.

These two new friends had much to say
And Sarah’s family
Whispered “Thank you” – clasped his hand
And touched him gratefully …

Whilst Sarah then at last expressed
A wish for lovely toys
Assuring Santa she’d been good
To other girls and boys.

‘Twas surely God Who gave the words
To Santa when he said
That he would like to say a Prayer ~
The family then were led …

All holding hands, they heard him say –
“Sarah, tell me true,
Do you believe in Angels?” – “Oh …
Yes Santa – that I do.”

“Well, I am going to pray and ask
That Angels care for you.”
He closed his eyes and prayed to God
To bring this dear child through.

To heal her little body from
This terrible disease
And asked the Angels to watch o’er
This precious child – oh please !

Then rather quietly Santa sang
That lovely, lovely Hymn …
“Silent Night – Holy Night” ~
By then, the light was dim.

“And now, young Sarah,” Santa said
“You have a job to do
And that is to get well because
I want to hear from you ….

Of how, in summer, you’ve enjoyed
Playing with your friends
And with your brother and your toys
So when the next year ends …

I’ll see you at the Mayfair Mall” ~
This risk he had to take,
He knew he had to give her hope,
A difference it could make.

Then Santa kissed young Sarah and
He gave her a big hug.
He left the room and then his tears
Could well have filled a jug.

The family came to thank him and
To all of them he told
That he had just one child who was
Like Sarah – nine years old.

A year went by and once again,
For six weeks, Santa’s joy
Was sharing Christmas with the kids ~
And giving each a toy.

One day, a child came up and said …
“Hi – Santa … Hi – it’s me.
Remember when in hospital
You told me I should be …

Here this Christmas and to tell
What I have done this year.”
Santa held her to his heart …
“Sarah – oh, my dear!”

He hardly recognised the child,
She’d lovely silky hair
And rosy cheeks – the cancer gone,
He offered up a prayer …

Thanking God for this great grace,
A Miracle he’d seen.
This was the best of Christmases
That there had ever been !

Santa And The Angels

By Nanette Mary

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